• Art or Code?

    2018-02-11::No, siree, things are decidedly not OK.

  • Crud.

    Somewhere along the way 2017 happened and I forgot to feed the website. It died.

  • New still life painting.

    2016-12-24::Happy Christmas, y'all.

  • Working title: KoffKoff (yeah, that's kind of dumb).

    2016-10-05::And now, for something a little different.

  • Pollution.

    2016-09-08::Another painting? What happened to my world-class procrastinism?

  • Study Group

    2016-09-03:: They look more like they are sleeping than studying.

  • Abstract No. 1

    2016-09-02:: I'm not sure what happened here.

  • Still Life with Flowers and Fishbowl

    2016-08-21:: This one won Best of Show in an art competition and will be hanging in NorthPark Center mall in Dallas during October. Check it out.

  • Reboot.

    2016-06-08::Let's try this whole web-thing again... a new table38.com website!

  • Bad Kitty.

    2016-06-01::A birthday gift.

  • Two Girls Eating Ramen.

    2016-05-31::What do a couple of poor girls do for a meal?

  • Go Fish.

    2016-05-28::So I drew some fish today.

  • Parishioners.

    2016-05-24::Sketchy-looking crowd of... erm, people.

  • Battersea power plant.

    2016-05-19::I thought that this was a painting at first. I mean look at those spectacular, flattened colors! This could be an Edward Hopper painting, right? Lonely ol' power plant. Yeah, I should totally paint this.

  • Cat-Fish.

    2016-04-28::This Saturday on SyFy: Mega Cat-Fish versus Giant Dogaroid.

  • Magnum Opus.

    2016-03-30::I was thinking about trying to draw a graphic novel and this popped into my head.

  • Bisonfly.

    2016-03-06::Bison fly, Bison fly, charges everything that it buys.

  • Still Life of Two Tacos.

    2016-02-13::I could eat, and paint tacos every day.

  • Woman Reclining.

    2016-02-09::Another abstract expressionist amusement.

  • Blam!

    2015-12-25::This is my sister-im-law taking it out on some unfortunate sap who happens to be a convenient target of her volcanic wrath.

  • Still Life with Tacos.

    2015-05-23::Tacos. That's enough.

  • General Puglas MacBarkur.

    2015-02-28::Another War Dog. One of my favorites.

  • War Dog.

    2014-09-15::Chicks dig a guy in a uniform.

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