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Portfolio: Graphic Art & Illustration

Just messing around last night [9-6-07]. Two quickies: "Look and Squint #1" and "Tree No. 2" both acrylic on masonite and about 12" x 12"
Not very good perhaps, but fun for me. I sketched the village and trees separately as doodles in the margin of my notebook last week during an especially boring meeting. On Thursday evening, I redrew both on large paper with colored pencils, then redrew both again on masonite Friday evening. Painted on Saturday and Sunday. Now that's what I call a weekend well spent! Both are acrylic on masonite, roughly 24" x 48".
Texas Weather III, IV, and V. Each 24" x 48" Acrylic on masonite board. Perhaps I finally have all this weather stuff out of my system!
These photos above are slightly cropped and do not quite get everything at the top and bottom. But hopefully you get the idea.
I'll draw a nice picture like this of your home in Kaufman, TX for 200 clams.
Make's for a rather nice and unique gift, don't you think?.
Set up your commission now so that it'll be ready for Christmas.
Actually, it only takes about a month to do, depending on how busy things are.
My wife wants to know why I haven't draw our house yet.

Portfolio: Paintings

"Texas Weather 2" Acrylic on canvas. 32" x 48"
"Drinky-Drinky" Acrylic and Conte crayon on masonite. 48" x 33"
"Texas Weather 1" Acrylic on canvas. 32" x 48"
"Debbie playing the guitar" Acrylic on canvas. 32" x 48"
"Vacuum Cleaner 2" Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 32"

Portfolio: Logos

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