• 8-bit Mario.

    2014-07-25::Mario is the man. Floppy disks are the medium.

  • Objection!

    2014-05-02::Someone said that the figure in the background on the left looks like litte Anakin Skywalker.

  • Lazy slug.

    2014-04-07::I really need to kill my TV.

  • From the sketchbook.

    2014-04-06::It started off as a doodle... I just stayed with it.

  • From the sketchbook.

    2014-04-04::It started off as a doodle... and I didn't stay with it.

  • From the sketchbook.

    2014-04-02::This was all just a test to see if the 80lb paper in a new sketchbook could stand up to a light application of watercolor.

  • A light application of prose


  • I'm telling you, blank paper is scary!

    2014-02-12::Intimidating too.

  • Solomon knew about stuff.

    2014-02-06::Smart people agree: Life is kind of pointless if you think about it too much.

  • Peter Parker is kind of a drama queen.

    2013-07-15::Yeah, you can do amazing stuff. Your life sucks.

  • Comfortable Shoes.

    2013-06-09::I love replacing the text in panels from vintage comics.

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