What? MORE pollution?.

2016.10.05: I still don't know what to call this piece so, for now, it is "KoffKoff" after the bird. 34" x 24" acrylic and permanent marker on canvas.

I never really worry too much about any hidden meaning or symbolism in my paintings. Two Girls Eating Ramen is exactly that and nothing more. A vase of flowers is a vase of flowers. This one is a little different.

Okay, first thing: EVERYBODY is polluting the world here. The creepy-looking titan of industry looking guy on the left... yeah, we expect him to pollute. The man and woman in the back peeking from behind the hillside: just your average, normal people.... yeah they pollute too. But the two fun hip guys on the right. These guys are socially aware, with-it, people who some might even call environmentalists. Guess what, they pollute too. Even the baby pollutes. The bird and the tree are suffering casulties. The tree stumps too.