Capitalist shame.

2016.06.08: Aw, man! I've been meaning to do a website redesign for several years now. The old site was pre-iPhone and pre-tablets so it badly needed an upgraded design that scales from large computer screens to tablets to smartphones. Also, I really hate sites that booger up the code with a bazillion scripts. Each content page on this new site has one small script: a few lines that implement a button so you can tweet a page if you like it. I was going to add a Pinterest button, but the script was taking too long to load (in my opinion). Everything is html and css... well... and pictures. Duh.

So the image files are the only thing that can slow this site down. Over the next few months, I'll be going back through the site and optimizing the images for faster performance. I was on a PNG love-fest for the past few years but I might go back to JPEGs because they are smaller.

Anyway, I've been Instagramming my art lately and cross-posting it to Twitter and Facebook, then manually adding it to Google+ and Ello (if I remember), but you can't really include any significant amount of text with the pictures like I'm doing here. So I'm really excited about this new format. But I'll still be cross-posting everything going on... it will just originate from here instead of Instagram.

Let me know what you think.